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Lossiranta Lodge has joined an international environmental program Green Key. Prestigious eco-label Green Key was awarded to Lossiranta for an excellent environmental work, developing sustainable tourism and committing to high environmental standards. Read more about the Green Key.


Environmental work is a part of Lossiranta hotels daily routines. It is an ongoing process and we are developing ourselves into a more ecological company.


Lossiranta hotels use local products, services and organic food when ever it is possible. In summertime part of the breakfast berries and apples come straight from Lossiranta’s organic garden. Our aim is to increase the number of organic products in the future. We serve breakfast products ecologically from washable bowls and dishes. This way we can avoid useing individually packaged products. We favour large packages in our purchases. Sometimes after breakfast there is still water in carafes - we don’t throw it away, we water the plants.


Eco-taps and showers save water and you don’t see small, non-ecological products in our bathrooms. We use environmentally friendly products when washing and cleaning. We also dry our laundry outside when ever it is possible. We do not use bleach. We change our old light bulbs into led lights. Lossiranta hotels’ sustainability comes from small actions every day and it is a part of our corporate culture. We constantly work to find new sustainable solutions for the hotel business, in all areas.



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