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Lossiranta Lodge - LOCATION


The Lossiranta hotels are located next to the Olavinlinna Castle, by the Lake Saimaa in the downtown of Savonlinna. Our reception is located : Olavinkatu 8, 57130 Savonlinna. The market place, harbour and downtown services are within walking distance. 


You can easily travel to Savonlinna by airplane, bus or train. Both the railway station and bus station are located right in the middle of the town, and there is only about 9 miles to the Savonlinna airport. Bus or train fare is app. 4 hours from Helsinki to Savonlinna, flying time from Helsinki is 45 minutes.


If you are travelling by car, the shortest way from the Southern Finland to Savonlinna is to take the Lahdentie (the route 4) and go through Heinola to the route 5. When you get to Juva, continue driving along the route 14 which takes you straight to Savonlinna.


Helsinki 330 km

Mikkeli 100 km

Lappeenranta 145 km

Joensuu 150 km

Kuopio 170 km

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